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Reflexology works on the ancient premise that all our body organs and systems are reflected on our extremities (the feet, hands and ears). Through intentional massaging and pressing into the entire surface of our extremities, a Reflexologist gently initiates communication between these rich nerve endings and the corresponding areas of the body. These energetic signals encourage the body to awaken its own potential for re-balancing.  Reflexology is very similar to the principles of acupressure, working on unblocking the energy channels of our body. The World Health Organisation recognises Reflexology as a complementary therapy – a practice that has been used worldwide in many cultures, for many centuries.  

Most of my Reflexology sessions focus on the feet, however I do incorporate hands and Auriculotherapy (ear reflexology) when required.  The incorporation of ears can be extremely beneficial, as we can specifically target areas of your body through the placement of ear seeds – very small surgical steel or gold plated ball bearings that are applied directly (externally) onto a localised tender area of the ear and held in place by tape for up to 5 days in duration.  This enables you the wearer, to gently press in providing acupressure in-between our sessions.  

As with any bodywork, Reflexology can be very relaxing and suppress the stress response – enabling the body to ‘rest and repair’, as opposed to ‘fight or flight’.  Relaxation is a crucial component to Reflexology work, as this is when the body can best respond to recalibrating the shift from a heightened stress response to a more soothing state of calm.  In doing so, you’re more able to reconnect with yourself and your body; making this an empowering wellbeing experience.  Given we know a large percentage of health concerns can originate from stress-related life events, creating a regular space for mindful relaxation can provide huge benefits in the long term.


Regular Reflexology may support you with:

*Increased energy

*Better gut motility 

*Reduced sense of anxiety

*Symptoms of hormonal complaints

*Reducing blood pressure & heart rate

*Greater foot mobility & gait

*Improved sleep

*Improved immunity

*Relief of musculoskeletal tension

*Reduced pain

*Improved blood circulation & lymphatic drainage

*Greater sense of overall wellbeing

Reflexology can be a fabulous ‘one-off’ treatment – however it is advised that the culminative effects over regular sessions are more beneficial.  It is advised that regular appointments are initially planned (this is particularly so for those experiencing more chronic symptoms). 


Reiki is a natural form of gentle rebalancing through harnessing the energy around us and can have profound relaxation and meditative type qualities for the person receiving.  It works through a practitioner who channels universal energy through sacred symbols, and lets this flow through their hands, in order to reawaken the recipient’s own potential for correcting imbalances.   It’s all about working to unblock and create better energy flow for our holistic needs.  I have been attuned in the Dr Mikao Usui approach, originating in Japan.  Dr Usui’s teachings have been handed down, from teacher to student since the early 1900’s. 


We are energetic beings, as is our environment - so we exchange energy with each other and our surroundings.  It doesn’t take much to consider the impact of these energetic ‘vibes’ we often simply ‘pick up’ and feel.  Some vibes have us feeling more energised than others.   Have you noticed how calming it is to walk in nature – well that’s due to the energy that it naturally exudes.  Bush walks, swimming in the ocean or just simply walking on grass can help us get grounded and feel refreshed. As can the act of slowing down, returning to the breath and being calm.


Energy work has been practiced for centuries.  Westernised cultures often refer to energy as ‘universal life-force’.  When our life-force is lower than usual, in energy work it’s believed we’re more susceptible to dis-ease and/or illness.   So, Reiki is one option that can support our energy channels (or sometimes known as meridians) throughout our subtle body energy fields.     


For a Reiki session you’ll remain fully clothed, and comfortably positioned on the massage table.  The session commences with a non-denominational prayer/intention, with calming music playing quietly.  Your only task is to close your eyes and give permission for yourself to relax and receive the energy.  An hour of calm.

Relaxation Massage

Relaxation massage therapy is the use of predominately Swedish massage techniques to elicit the relaxation response.  Its primary focus is to help unwind and enable you to completely just chill out – making it a great choice for stress relief.  Relaxation massage does not target injuries or treat conditions – but it can help to relieve general muscle tension and discomfort that our modern-day life presents. Relaxation massage is nurturing and restorative.

The wonderful aspect of relaxation massage therapy, is that is uses a combination of gentle slow, flowing massage movements called effleurage, but also incorporates compressing & wringing massage movements called petrissage.  Both of which gently warm the tissues and create a soothing and calming feeling.  I only use top quality, organic balms and oils on your skin. There are scented and unscented options. Deeper tissue work can be incorporated, and this is discussed with your goals of the session & the availability of time, in relation with your appointment booking.


The benefits that regular relaxation massage therapy may support you with are:

*Improved circulation to the skin

*Enhanced digestion

*Reduced blood pressure

*Reduced sense of anxiety & stress

*Improved sleep patterns

*Endorphin release – creating better sense of mood & wellbeing

*Stimulation of the lymphatic system, creating more effective removal of wastes & fluid

*Reduced musculoskeletal tension

PLEASE NOTE:  There are some circumstances when relaxation massage therapy may be contraindicated or may need to be modified.   This is based on your current health status.  It’s best if in doubt to discuss this with me, prior to making your booking or arriving on the day, to avoid disappointment.  

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage (IHM) is a holistic therapy that is a soothing sequence of massage movements, focusing on the upper back, arms, shoulders, neck, head, face and ears.  It pays attention to specific meridian points through acupressure and focuses on the three higher chakras for rebalancing the entire holistic self.  The intention is to provide relaxation, relieve stress and improve overall wellbeing. 

The contemporary practice of IHM was introduced to westernised culture by Narendra Mehta, a physical therapist and bodyworker. It has evolved from the ancient Ayurvedic health system that has been handed down intergenerationally. Through Narendra’s love of head massage and its benefits, he explored the origins and practice back in his home country of India.  He developed what is now known as IHM, that incorporates arms, neck and face in conjunction with an Ayurvedic focus.  Indian Champissage™ was introduced to westernised culture in the early 1980’s and is now taught and offered worldwide. 

IHM is delivered while you sit, fully clothed without the use of oils or balms. It is usually delivered over a 30-40min period and can be a super calming stand-alone appointment or integrated with any other session.


The benefits that regular IHM may support you with are:

*Relief of musculoskeletal tension through fascia release
*Improved lymphatic drainage for cellular waste removal
*Reduced sinus related discomfort
*Reduced symptoms from headaches
*Reduced eye strain
*Reduced symptoms of stress
*Increased relaxation & sense of wellbeing
*Improved hair growth