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Empowering you to reclaim & maintain your wellbeing

Hi, I’m Kelly and I’m an experienced healthcare professional who’s created Solace Bodywork because I’m deeply passionate about empowering women to reclaim & maintain their wellbeing. I do this through high quality & skilled holistic bodywork, that is uniquely tailored & intuitively integrated – because you are too. 

Solace Bodywork exists, because women deserve a space where they can truly give back to themselves, while resting into loving, self-compassion. Women are always giving, putting others first - but we can’t show up every day energised or enjoying life, if we don’t listen to & honour our own needs first.

So I’ve created a sanctuary, a sacred space for women to be able to rest & tune into, to be seen & cared for on a physical, emotional & spiritual level. Authentic & holistic, offering a combination of massage, counselling, mindfulness, reflexology & energy work. I weave my years of experience, knowledge & skillset; so I that ‘I can bring all of ME’, to ‘be with all of YOU’. Women tell me that this approach is just what they’ve been looking for – and as a result they find they have a whole new appreciation of what their mind, body, soul & spirit needs.

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Meet Kelly


I’ve always been a nurturer, right from my childhood. My sensitivity and care for others has always been my strength and has continued to guide and reaffirm why I do what I do. From my nursing background of 30yrs, I have been privileged to have supported people across the lifespan, during extremely personal times of their lives. These experiences have left me humbled, curious and in awe of the human spirit.

Over the years I have grown to appreciate the many different aspects, of what contributes to holistic wellbeing.  I have delved into energy work, which has then led me to massage and now to the wonderful practice of Reflexology – for which I have a huge passion for.  Meditation and spiritual practice continue to nourish me; enabling this energy to flow onto those who I support too.  

So why Solace Bodywork? Well, it's all in the name. Solace means to 'comfort, provide support during times of stress', and it just felt right. And Bodywork refers to the layers of our bodies. We're not just our physicality - we're a combination of subtle energies encompassing the emotional, mental, spiritual, and more. My love of caring, a deep belief in the gentle arts for self-care and a genuine intention for empowering you and your health, has led me here. Being calm and mindful enables us to tune into our body and the world around us, truly listen and respond accordingly.  In the simple act of slowing down and being present, we are reminded of what nourishes and sustains us best. 

Solace Bodywork is all about empowering you to reclaim and maintain your wellness, within a caring and comforting space. Sessions can be tailored to suit your individual needs, because we’re all unique.  What I love most, is that these modalities can work beautifully alongside mainstream medicine and other complementary practices.  And as I’m an experienced healthcare professional, I’m able to work collaboratively alongside your main practitioner.

So welcome to Solace Bodywork – specialising in Reflexology and the gentle arts of relaxation. This is the culmination of many years of experience, knowledge, intuition & caring.  I invite you to contact me, to see how I may be of support for you. 



(Disclaimer: Complementary Therapies should NOT be viewed as a replacement for medical care. If you have any concerns about your health then you should always seek advice from your doctor or health care practitioner. I advise that you inform your doctor or health care practitioner if you are receiving a complementary therapy, as I am very happy to work collaboratively)

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Diploma of Reflexology
RLD Practitioner
Registered Massage Therapist (Level 4, Relaxation)
Certificate Indian Head Massage
PGDip Counselling

Reiki Master/Teacher
PGCertHSc (primary health)
PGCertHSc (critical care)
Current 1st Aid Certified


Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.”
–Chinese Proverb

I had amazing hour or so with Kelly this morning. I haven’t been that (out of body) relaxed since I had hypnotherapy!! Her energy is beautiful. I can’t wait to go back. Thank you for your special gift x

- Gretchen H

My Mum and I experienced the most wonderful reflexology sessions with Kelly Woods today. She has the most caring and healing hands - truly wonderful! We both feel fantastic - so relaxed and well rested. I highly recommend Kelly and Solace Bodywork - make a booking today, you won’t regret it!

- Des C

I felt in very safe hands with my reflexology and reiki An extremely relaxing and powerful experience. Recommend Kelly as a practitioner as every step was explained and she is very professional.

- Kym L


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