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Compassionate integrative bodywork, when journeying through life’s adversities.

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Solace welcomes everyone here, but particularly specialises in supporting those living with ill-health, receiving palliative care, the caregivers and for those experiencing grief and bereavement.

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Meet Kelly

Solace is the soulful gathering of mine & other’s life experiences and learnings, for you.  For 30+ years, I’ve supported people across the lifespan, nursing in a variety of specialty areas, both based within hospitals, community and in-home.  These include spinal & head injury rehab, neurosurgical, women’s health, intensive care, medically fragile children & family/whānau, oncology, palliative and hospice care.  I have undertaken extensive ongoing professional study & learning and been credentialled in a variety of evidence-based, integrative bodywork practices.  Why?  Because I have been drawn by curiosity and a sensitivity from an early age, to find ways of gently caring for myself and others when pain and suffering is present. And through it all, being with those experiencing major health challenges, adversity, sudden life changes and grief (my own included) has become the focus, passion & specialisation of my practice. 

Through both my lived experience, and those who I have had and continue to have the privilege to support & learn through, Solace is my offering.  Its intention is to empower and care, through compassionate integrative bodywork; particularly when journeying with health adversity.  As through these times of challenge and heartache, it’s so comforting to know that there are those who will companion alongside you.  Holding space with mindful presence for therapeutic touch, can assist with a range of physical ailments, support emotional & psychological distress, and can bring about a nurturing reconnection with your essence through self-compassion.  And for those who are the caregivers, it cannot be underestimated the need for the validation of your love & care, and the life changing transformation it can have for all.  As an ongoing caregiver myself, I hold a deep appreciation for you.

Through my experience, I can collaboratively work with your main healthcare practitioner.  And whilst I am clinic based, I also can accommodate home visits for those at end of life.   Please reach out to discuss further.

With love and light,


(Disclaimer: Integrative therapies are not to be viewed as a replacement for medical care. If you have any concerns about your health, then always seek advice from your doctor/main healthcare practitioner. I encourage you to inform your doctor/main healthcare practitioner if you are receiving an integrative therapy, to enable a collaboration for safe & appropriate care for best outcomes.)

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Diploma of Reflexology (MRNZ)
Reflexology Lymph Drainage Practitioner (Certified Sally Kay method)
Oncology Massage Therapist (Preferred Practitioner, Society for Oncology Massage)

NZCpN (NZ Nursing Council)

Certificate Indian Head Massage
PGDip Counselling
Reiki Master Teacher (Reiki NZ)
PGCertHSc (primary health)
PGCertHSc (critical care)

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Fern Leaves

“Touch the surface and you stir the depths” 
Deane Juhan

Thank you for your patience and guiding light when I was going through chemo. You just listened and offered me the gentlest of touch. Exactly what I needed at a time of total upheaval.  I can’t thank you enough

- R.C

What I remember most was how relaxed I always felt after seeing you.  My mind was always just churning away, so looked forward to my sessions because I knew that I’d feel so peaceful & chill afterwards.  You’ve helped me to manage my days so much better.  Everyone needs that

- A.M

Your calming voice and loving hands.  You’ve kept me walking and sane, when I thought chemo would stop me in my tracks (which it has at times), but the reflexology has just been amazing and kept me upright.  Thanks for the self-tips & lovely conversations too

- M.L


Thank you Kelly.  Reiki is now a big part of my life.  I have so much more compassion for my situation and sleeping much better!

- K,S

Professional, kind, accommodating & with a great sense of humour.  You keep me uplifted but I also know that however I am on the day you’ll roll with it so gently.  You really get it.    That’s hard to come by these days

- L.McD

I’ve always felt really understood and listened to.  Particularly when an upcoming scan or blood test result is approaching.  It’s never just a massage or reiki session with you, it’s so much more.

- M,T

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